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Hi there, I would like to share my poem with you, I have been attending GA 3years 9months now. I have not gambled since I walked into my first GA meeting. This is my feeling on how gambling made me feel and the difference GA has made to me.....

Can't sleep at night, Do you wake with a fright
And does the guilt eat away at you
Feeling pain or shame, can't beat this game
You just don't know what to do
Perhaps your not weak and can beat it
Not addicted to gambling at all
Then why does each day feel like groundhog
Like banging your head on a wall
If you cut yourself and kept bleeding
Then how would you help it heal
By changing each day, one at a time
Not gambling's the BETTER deal
To find yourself as a person
Make changes for all to see
Trust and respect in abundance
From your friends and family
Your new life is out there I promise
Only you can make that choice
Keep going to GA, and soon you will rejoice
But beware addiction's part of you
Always waiting in the wings
To steal your life back from you
Till you lose everything
When you grow as that person
Who is now gambling free
It's the best feeling in the world
I know because it's ME

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