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need some advice in my dad thanks
Hi there my name is michelle and i am hopin to get some advice for bein able to help my dad.
2 years ago my dad lost his job and was at the beginning of gettin into debt , he then had alot of savings which he then started travelin to las vegas every few months and he beleived that he was able to make money from gamblin i think that also during this time he was also using online betting and goin to the bookies on a daily basis and of course money ran out when he had made 'friends ' in the bookies who then offered him money to tide him over we have now learned that of course these friends were infact loan sharks and as my dad was gambling constantly and had alot of trouble gettin the money back on the due time , he was threatned and also punched int he face and we his family was also bein threatned by this loan shark so in the end my dad had to take over half of my mums hard worked wages to pay him off but doin this he got behind on all his bills , at this time he was on anti depressants which we all beleived he was takin because he couldnt find a job but we now know it was because of the gamblin and constant worrying about how to pay the bills . Now when i think we are all gettin back to normal we find out that he has started gamblin again and i dont know how exactly to handle it , my inital thinkin is to sit down as a family and try to speak to him and make him realise what his last bout of gamblin did to us all as a family and that gamblin cannot be controlled as he thinks he can , any advice would be greatly appreciated as i love my dad very much and know he can beat this im jsut at a loss on how to try and help <!-- sCry --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cry.gif" alt="Cry" title="Crying or Very Sad" /><!-- sCry -->

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