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I can't stop alone
Hi All, my name is Nick and I am a compulsive gambler who is doing all he can to throw his life and family away. I have tried GA and it does work IF you really want it to, for some reason I would go for a few months and then gamble again. I posted a note on here in Nov 2009 as I thought I was at rock bottom again, since that post I went nearly 2 months without gambling and had a great Xmas, New Year and I was happy but a few weeks ago I started again and have lost lots of money that I cannot explain away to my wife. I have already had so many "last chances" that I fear she will walk away with our two lovely children. I so want to stop but can't. I know I can never win but continue to gamble without a care about anything or anyone, I have already been bankrupt through gambling and am now in the process of running up large credit card debts again, it is killing me why I am doing this but I am allowing it. Its a baffling illness when you know you CAN NEVER WIN and it will destroy you but you always let it in for more. I will try again from today (yes I know I've said that a thousand times before) to stay away from the gambling. Its a sad state of affairs at 40 years old but I will not carry money or watch sport that gets me thinking about gambling. If I use the barriers then I am okay but then I think "maybe I can win at this" - believe me that it is always the same story of losing money, stealing, lying, sneaking around to try and hide the bills or statements and being very unhappy - IT WILL NEVER CHANGE. I have a chance of a great life but I really don't know if I can survive this, it will break me if I lose my family so why do I do it ?!! I have to make Friday 19th Feb 2010 the last day I ever gambled. If I can get through a few days and weeks gambling free then its surprising how quickly the days pass and how life becomes more enjoyable by the day...I hope its not too late. I wish everybody out there who is a compulsive gambler all the best, I don't think we will ever understand why we do it but we must find a way of stopping and staying stopped is even harder. My name is Nick, I am a compulsive gambler.

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