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My son is a gambler
I spent most of my late teens and early twenties "kicked Out" I once resented this as it was just ME. I attended GA at 25 and continued doing my nut, throwing back at parents the help they tried to give. Now im 34 4years free of gambling and building my life away from this terrible desease. A desease is what it is, love clouds that desease and I will never have that conversation with my parents about what I put them through, the words "stress" "worry" etc spring to mind. Your son doenst need "money" he needs to see what he can truly become if this desease continues to effect his life, I liken my life to that of a heroine addict, cold turkey is not enough for this desease as we have periods of no money. Step one...get him to a meeting it will open him up, step two take control of his finances, treat him with respect but if its not you without help it will be someone else. Further to this as a mention, im 34, single, building a life, Gambling made me smoke to much, probably will effect my older years, but I only realised this at 28....your son is 21 and can re format his life....

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