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online bingo
Hi Selfish Gambler,

Its is always a struggle to keep temptation at bay. I am a compulsive gambler and have only been going to GA Meetings for the last 3 weeks, of which i have been able to refrain from Gambling for 18 days.

I to was hooked on the on-line casino sites as well as fruit machines in the pubs etc, After going to GA, i was informed of gambling blocking software, you can purchase a blocker for any on line betting sites that is irriversable once downloaded. At first it was very frustrating as i tried to get back on but after just a few days you quickly realise that there is no point even trying and the temptation starts to fade.

This alongside my attendance to the GA Meetings has so far helped me come to terms with my illness, although i am powerless over gambling and will have my illness for the rest of my life, i now wake up in the morning for the first time in years after having a trouble free sleep and look forward to another gambling free day.

Good luck and remember you are not alone.

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