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I need help
I've become a compulsive gambler

Before I could go in somewhere, win a few pounds profit (Or even just get some of my money back) and walk out.

Over the past couple of months I have got worse and worse, leading up to this week.

This week funds have been low in my bank account, but I still had the urge to gamble. So I kept taking out small overdrafts and paying them in the next day, which was fine (My bank luckily don't charge for them as long as they are paid back in during the next day). Mid week I was overdrawn and suddenly found I had no funds to repay the overdrawn amount, so I had to lie to my mum so she would transfer enough funds across to cover the overdraft. I told her I would pay her back on Friday which was payday.

Thursday and my Mum had actually given me more than the overdraft amount, guess where I ended back up. Ended up overdrawn again as I knew by Friday morning I would have been paid and could cover the overdraft back.

Friday came and my pay had arrived. Which instantly sent me to the bookies. I then proceeded to win, around 200% on what I staked. Then I got greedy and ended up walking out with nothing.

Today, the weekend. Nothing to do but the bookies are open. Went in, won my stake back plus a little on top but then kept visiting the cash machine trying to chase the jackpot which of course I didn't win.

I've spent my entire wage in 2 days and now don't have enough to cover my Mum. Luckily I have a savings account to cover this but know unless I stop now as soon as I start dipping in to my savings account it will also be gone on stupid gambling.

I'm 21 and cannot afford for this to ruin my future. Please help!!! (Any GA meetings in the West Yorkshire area would be much appreciated, especially if there are any on a weekend to keep me away from gambling!)

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