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am a soldier and have the bug
hello all

think i shall start this topic with the most famous word ive seen here '' i am a gambler ''

i have been doing this now for around 5 years it all started while i was working long nights shifts and would return home and not be able to sleep and finding myself bored so i turned to the online gambling!

but now am in the army and before i joined the army i never really seen this all a problem intill a year ago.after leaving iraq i saved several thousand pounds but once i had returned on leave back to the uk i found myself gambling all this online via poker and losing it all....
ever since then things have started to get worse and worse....
i got married in november 2009 and i thought that this would help me stop this illness but i was wrong it still carryied on and i started to lie to my wife once i had no money left at the start of the month and had no money to feed the both of us for the month..
i have told the army of my problem and i have been seeing the army's mental health care people but i feel these aint no help for me!
while iv been seaking help in the army,my commanding officers just give me a hard time they think that i am doing this because i can and that am not addicted to doing it so that will shout at me thinking the good old green army way will work but this just makes me even hate the army even more.
the army have now started to get my wages paid into my wifes bank account so am hoping that thats the start of something new.
because i am based in germany there is not alot of help for me and the army dont have any gambling programs for me so its a case of suck it up buttercup and keep on soldiering...

i really want rid of this problem but dont see where to start the help am gettin now give me ways but this just aint working its not really aimed at gambling and just seems like they are washing there hands of me each time,when i go to there meetings they last about 45 mins and i only get to see the person once every 3-4 weeks thats if am lucky and i aint on a army course or execise then maybe 2 months till i can seek help.....

well any ideas with what i can try will help? is this classed as a illness or just like a smoking habbit?

thanks for looking

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