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am a soldier and have the bug
Gidday mate

Welcome to the forum.
Yes, it is classed as an illness, yes it is a habit, but most of all it is an addiction. This addiction can, if you let it , destroy your future, your family, your life. You have already discovered how quick and easy it is to lose your hard earned savings. Try not to worry about that. Money can be earned again. Be thankful that you still have your family.

I am surprised that there isn't a GA in Germany. They must surely have as big a problem with their gambling as any other country.
Unless somebody else has a better idea, I would suggest you regularly post & read the topics on this site. Also try GAMCARE in the UK and GA in Aust. The GAMCARE site is very good. They also offer free online & telephone counselling. At least you would be talking with someone who has actually dealt with this addiction & can relate to the problems this can cause.

Best wishes

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