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Y cant i stop
Hi alex

If you can get to a GA meeting, get there. GA can help you.

As far as chasing your losses, we all did that. The trouble is that as CG's we tend to chase the loss until we have nothing left with which to punt. Not very bright! As for "the big win"...I had a few very good wins in my was never enough though...during the last 6 to 9 months of my gambling, I would not leave the venue until I was broke. It was a form of punishment,as I believed that I didn't deserve to win anything. No matter what I won, I ensured that it all went back in!

Debt is something we all have to live with. Some CG's will never be able to pay back what they owe. Others, like myself will be able to, but I have worked out that I will be about 70 before I finish that task. You are a young bloke, hopefully with not too great a burden of debt. Kick the habit now, live a bit prudently until the debt has been paid back, and VOILA!!! you will have the chance for a happy future.

Get along to GA.

Best wishes

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