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Help plz
today is my first day of admittin what ive always known i got serious problems never been in so much debt and trouble my life is fallin to pieces and all i know is i cant take anymore.
All i do is hurt the ones i love i have a wonderfull girlfriend who still keeps stickin by me but i no she wont much longer even last 5 minutes i had to tell what i blown last night im fed up of feeling a failure and letting her and myself down all the time i also have a 18 month old daughter who i have on weekends and fed up never being able to do anything with her because of money problems which are all of my own doin.
Been gambling for years now but in last 6 to 8 months found the worst ever
Why have i done all this and will i survive my problems, even been to ga meetings in the past ive tried so hard and failed so many times
Really wanna beat this so badly hate feeling this low my personality has gone my fun side has gone i hate myself so much
Going to my local ga meeting on wednesday and hope this time i can finally beat this for me my girl and my daughter
And hope i can start paying off all my mounting debts any advice would be great thanks every 1

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