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thank you for replying to my message, after 99 views your the only one!!!

any how yes he seems to want to get help, in order to prove to me he can earn eventually earn my trust back.
i love him and need him to get 'better' .
he has attended 2 GA meetings so far, i however have moved back home from uni for 2 weeks to clear my head!
i also recently heard of gam-anon meetings relatives and friends of gamblers can attend. how useful are these?? should i go?? if i do go do i go with him?

ALSO after speaking to him this evening after his second meeting i was wondering just how well these GA meeting will work, i don't see how talking to people twice a week will help him, never gamble again! or quit with the lies!!!
does he need to see a counsellor as well? and if so how much do counselling sessions cost?

thank you for help so far Roy, if you could answer more of my questions i'd be forever grateful!

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