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Sneaky Liar!!!
Hi Brucie1986

You haven't said whether you attend GA.

If not, then that is the first thing you should do. You are very unlikely to abstain from gambling for any period of time without the proper support.
Your wife would also gain an insight into the gambler's world by attending GAMANON.

Might I suggest that the earlier you tell her, the better it is going to get. You aren't going to gain anything by delaying. Be prepared to tell her what you are planning to do to put yourself on the road to recovery. i.e. attend GA... Then stick to what you have planned.

Trust will eventually return to your relationship. To what degree, I don't know.
Once you start regaining that trust though, don't break it. As you have probably learned, every time you fall off the wagon, trust is a longer time coming back.

As your previous reply said... ' one day at a time '. I have never tried for any goals, or anniversaries. I don't need that extra pressure.

Best wishes

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