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Online Gambling
Hey, this is the first time ive been on this website. Basiclly, ive been playing online roulette over the past year whilst at uni. Initally i had a big win of around a few thousand. Since then ive been slowly losing my winnings and cant seem to stop. Around 2 weeks ago i deposited some money in my online casino account, and since then i worked my way up to a fair amount of money. I thought i worked out a system, and i started to predict what numbers would come up - and they did! I should have cashed in then. Two days ago i bet on mid and high section of the roulette wheel and lost the money. I didnt stick to my strict system and instead just did a random bet. Straight away without thinking i bet a further amount of money on each section to try and recoup my losses. I lost. I was so annoyed with my self (being down a lot of money) that i did a series of stupid bets and eventually lost the lot. Right now im feeling sickened by myself, but im still itching to gamble despite losing the lot. Im just looking for anyone to share there experiences with me, or pass on some support. I cant believe id made all that money, then lost the lot within 10 minutes. I know i should of learned my lesson, but all i can think about is starting my system over again and cashing out after each day instead. However, i know that despite me saying this ill probably get greedy again and just carry on gambling till i recoup my seems like theres no way out apart from gambling

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