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Online Gambling
I don't know where to start,
It's a complete mess.

I don't really get an urge to gamble, can walk past a bookies no problem and zero interest, fruit machines - don't even notice them.

When I'm at work bored I play online roulette...........
I hate myself for it

I can't tell my wife as it would be the final straw.
My life is - should be good I earn pretty good money.

Yet I have (unbeknown to my wife) big credit card debt and a large loan
all through online gambling.

This month I got a bonus and promised I would pay off 1/2 my credit card bill................
I paid some and then today just lost the rest on roulette.

I'm so depressed by it all
In Feb I had to admit to my wife I had large amounts on the credit card, she went beserk,
I said it was because I had a go at the forex markets and lost.
Eventually we released money from the mortagage to pay it off..........

2months later and it's back to the same level, just through the roulette.

I feel so sick, yet how can I tell her that I lose all my (our) money on roulette.
Aside from gambling my life is really good, yet if I admit to my wife my problem I'm sur eshe'll leave me - which from her point is fair enough - I could see why.

Why do i do this to myself and my wife?
so so so sick of it.

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