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Online Gambling
i had never gambled ever and started betting on on line football. i turned hundreds into thousands in about a month then lost the lot when i got over confident. i recovered my nerve then repeated and won even more. I bet all on some foreign girls team winning whilst 2 goals up at 80 minutes. the other team scored twice in quick succession. as the goals were scored and i realised it was the other team and my blood started to run cold. well that was it. im 54, earn under the average minimum and live in digs and dont have a lot more savings but miss the buzz of feeling in control and being somebody. i dont smoke or drink and even live a vege lifestyle and wonder whether it all matters anyway. Thing is that every time its gone wrong I know why and believe that all i have to do is be more careful like the wealthy pros who have mastered what you need to know and their own weaknesses but something is telling me loudly that its a mugs game.

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