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Online Gambling
Hey Sigh

i dont know about you, but ive been doing online roulette for 5 reasons

1) i thought it was an easy way to make quick money. I worked up a nice profit each day for about 3 hours work

2) im a student, and so dont have a lot of money anyway, and i saw gambling as a quick way to solve my problems

3) boredem - i started to play more and more - even when i was watching tv, i rationalised it to myself and said, 'i can either watch tv, or i can watch tv and play roulette at the same time)

4) when i lost, all i could think about was re-couping my losses quick, i.e. big and stupid bets

5) just the simple buzz of winning money. Despie this though, i cant stand actually playing roulette -when i enter the roulette table, the background music that they play sends a shiver down my spine and makes me feel sick - kind of like hearing an alarm clock buzzing whilst your awake

I know people say roulette can never be long term profitable, but i keep thinking to myself, if i have a big enough balance (several thousand), and i only place small amounts, surley it can never go wrong. But i know i wont stick to this system, and ill say to myself, i can either try to make a reasonable amount in 3 hours, or with 1 click of a button. Thats were i believe it goes wrong. and when it does go wrong, you kind of think, i could spend the next week trying to recoup what ive lost, or i can try and do it within a few spins. I know this probably seems like clasic compulsice behaviour, but i guess thats what being a gambling addict entails......

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