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Time for change, i hope.
Hi GA,

I hope you can help me to help my girlfriend.

we have been together for 7 years and she has had a gambling problem on and off (i think) the whole time.

She generally plays fruit machines but also plays bingo (this can also get expensive at major franchises) and has been known to play online scratch card games on the UK national lottery website.

her habit ruins every holiday and or day trip we take because of amusements, and everytime she goes out alone i am worried about what she might be doing.

today she went to bingo and later called me to admit that she had spent a fair amount on the slot machines and that she didn't even have enough money to get home so i had to get the kids out of bed to collect her. now it needs to stop. she seems almost like she wanted to but i'm not sure. i told her when the ga meeting was and when it was and she was like 'an hour and three quarters!!?' so i'm unsure as to how committed she really is.

how can i help her to motivate herself to change to enrich hers, mine and our kids lives??

Thanks for reading,


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Time for change, i hope. - by Guest - 29-04-2010, 08:24 PM
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