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sound familiar?
Hi Andy,

I am a compulsive Gambler

Firstly, Well done for having the courage to speak to your family about your gambling, i can imagine the relief you must have felt after all the weight was lifted. Like yourself, i have put my family through the pains and strains of living with a compulsive gambler for a number of years.

Just wanted to share with you my thoughts on GA Meetings.

I have been going to GA meetings for just over 3 weeks now after plucking up the courage to walk through the door. What i can tell you is the day i walked in was the best day of my life. You are not judged or critisised but are made to feel welcome by other people from all walks of life who are no different to yourself as we all share the same illness. By making your post, it is likely that you wish to stop gambling, no one can tell you what to do, you will decide yourself, but the rooms of GA will offer you a santuary where you can just observe if that is what you wish and if you feel like you want to commence your theropy and talk, you will be able to at your own time with no pressure.

I am on day 18 without Gambling and look forward to day 19 tomorrow, this i could not have done on my own, it has been the visits to the rooms that has helped me on my journey. I hope the decision you make whatever it is, will be the right one for you.

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