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help for an enabler
I was with a gambler for almost 5 years. I have also read the book you mention /women who love too much. This book became my bible to sanity when i finished the relationship 3.5 years ago, its ripped, highlighted and scribbled on with pages dropping out and I still occasionally refer to it today - because its exactly right. Since then i have moved on through the relationship, bought my own home and in my 2nd year qualifying as a psychiatric nurse. I tell you, i spent a year almost in bed with depression and was emotionally at the bottom of my life from loving a person with a gambling problem. I know that place.

In my view, coming from the other side where my feelings are no longer emeshed in all of it, i believe the relationship will not work. (its a hard truth, im sorry) I have not found there are many people who remain together. It would be a nice thought though. The psychological and emotional impact on family members, partners or friends is way too much to cope with and an extremly high price to pay with your life, and sadly most of us get torn and addicted (to the relationship) in the same way the gambler is to the gambling.

People can advise, but in your heart there is only you who can make that decision with your own coping factors. Its fine for those who have gambled saying stick by him, and those who've also 'suffered' imesurable to show you how they've managed. The question is, can you do the same. I couldnt and didnt want to any more, not at any price. I had to to save my own sanity. I wish you well

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