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Mum to my Son
I'm so sad tonight. I think of my 24 year old Son being eaten alive by the cancer that is gambling...he is over a thousand miles away from me and today he broke down on the phone and cried for the 1st time when I begged him to get help. I pray every night that he will go to a meeting in Manchester, I found him the address and pleaded with him to do this for himself, I'm afraid for my Son. He is such a good person, online poker is his nemesis or going to the casino which is less than a mile from where he is spending his last week before he is thrown out on the street. I'm so sad that I cry myself to sleep as I pray with all my being that he'll make it out on the other side eventually. He asked me for money today which I could have given him but I said no, it was so hard to say no, I can't be an enabler, as easy as it would have been to send him the money that would have only been to make myself feel better for a few moments and then I would have been filled with guilt for my weakness. I'm sorry I'm rambling I just need to somehow get this out and hope whoever reads this will think of the families that are being torn apart and the utter sadness a Mother feels when she is helpless to do anything that keeps her child from this disease. I love you Michael, always, no matter what.

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