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out of control
my name is charlie and im 20 years old, i have been gambling for about 4 years now but its getting out of control! i know i have had a serious problem for a while now but this is now the final straw.

i feel terrible everyday because i know i cant pay bills, whether its only to my mates or a phone bill. i got paid last friday and was supposed to pay my holiday this week but instead of doing what any normal person would do and pay it off, my addiction got hold of me and i went the bookies and blew it on the roulette machines and now i cant go away with the lads which is gut wrenching because its the only thing ive been looking forward too!!

over the years i have "had" my family off espically my mum and now ive had enough, i recognise i have serious problem but i dont know the best way to go about it, what should i do?


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