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I am a Compulsive Gambler. Gamble free for 16 months.

GA have a sister fellowship called GAMANON. This is attended by the family & friends of the gamblers. They know what you are going through as they have all experienced it before.
Try them, you do need the support & experience that they can offer you.

There are other organisations available to you as well. I will send you a private message re them.

I can't tell you what to do. That is something that you alone have to decide. Get some information from GAMANON & the other organisation I mentioned in my private message, so you at least can make an informed decision.

However, I would suggest that you ensure that your personal finances are okay.
Enquire at the bank as to your total mortgage debt. I say this because your partner may have increased the mortgage on the house without your knowledge. Better to find out all you can now.
Until you know exactly where you are financially, you are totally in your partners hands.
Do NOT trust him.

Best wishes

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