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hi all,hope im in the right place which i think i am.This has taken a few weeks and some considerable thought but i dont know where else to go.Basically through years of thinking im not addictd to gambling it turns out i certainly am,the facts are there. years of wins,losses,lost wages,borrowing money,throwing bills in the bin,lies,late timekeeping,slepless nights,mood swings,selective hearing.Last few months it has all come to a head and in weird way im so happy it has,I Need help.So guys thats why im here,il be attending meetings as much as i can and starting today im going to try and never bet again.I am in debt quite alot, i have lied to my partner which is the worst thing i can imagine and feel such a scumbag for doing.i want to stop which i suppose is the 1st step but its easy to say rather than do it. when i sit down and think about what ive done i feel like such a waster and liar, what possesed me to end up like this ,i cant explain it. Im pretty down at the moment to be honest so some encouragement would be good. i hopw ypu are all good and can give some sort of regards wills

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