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hi Andy,
You will never feel any better until you adopt a positive attitude. Of course mowing lawns etc., is boring but what is the alternative?
Do you really want to wreck your life, filled with misery, and self regret, or do you want to start again and build a future for yourself?
You have got to let the negative feelings go. I have been bet free for four years but if I lived in fairy tale land OF COURSE I WOULD WANT TO GAMBLE ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, but hopefully after four years I would like to think I've come to far, with one day at a time working for me.
Maybe instead of gambling you could invest your time and money (rather than gambling with it) you could invest in something that would be of interest to you, and try GA (if you have not already done so. There must be something out there that would be of interest to you, other than gambling, any way heres to the future, best wishes Debbie

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