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Hi richard and JJ,
I used to bet alot during the football season and if im totally honest I was usually in profit from my football bets. My problem was that i couldnt leave it there the winnings would end up in the roulette machine usually.
I went to GA last year and things got better for a while but I left and went back to betting small stakes on football, i managed like that for a while but eventually and inevitabley the old habit returned and even worse than ever before until i hit rock bottom.
I returned to GA 3 months ago and havent had a bet since, not even in the world cup, I know that i am a compulsive gambler and the next bet is the one to avoid!
My advice to you would be to attend a GA meeting and give it a chance (we reccomend you give it 90 days). It really does work and life is so much easier without gambling.
Come back on here and let us no how it goes.
Good Luck.

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