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1st visit to GA
Recently went to my frst GA meeting as I am out of control paying roulette machines to the point where I am throwing my bank card at the cashiers in the bookies demanding to top the machine up straight away & ranting at the machine like a man possessed. A GA I realised there are other people in the same boat & it certainly helps knowing you are not alone. For me the problems started about 4-5 years ago. ive always liked a bet and when the machines first got introduced in the bookies I was able to control it. However as my family increased in size & the mortgage, bills, clothes etc etc increased I felt I needed to win more money but obviously started staking more & more in the process. The problem I have found is gambling gave me that deluded dream that I can pay off my mortgage & live like a king for the rest of my life with no more worries. However when I eventually lose its like that dream is ruined & I have to face up to the fact I to work for money & there is no easy fix. I kept having a few days off from gambling but was unhappy as I needed that dream back - only to go round & round in circles losing, feeling like your souls been ripped out, chasing the dream again, losing etc. Ive now realised why I started betting which I hope is a good start & I know I will always need to work on controlling it. Instead I will try & focus my energy in being a good husband & dad (the most important thing in my life) Best wishes to everyone else who is trying to beat this illness.

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