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re ga
Hello, I'm Helen a compulsive gambler in recovery.
I can remember the times that in my insanity and admid my gambling that I travelled hundreds of miles in a day to gamble. One very dismal winter's day I travelled over a 125miles to go to a pawn shop to get money to pay some bills of which money I had gambled away. I went straight away to a gambling venue and lost all of that money as well and then had to drive home in the dark another 125 miles and not only that but was caught speeding and fined. So today if I sometimes feel that it's too cold or too far to a meeting I remember those 'bad' days and know that I need to get to a GA meeting. I call this my 'medicine' and need at least 1 meeting a week to help me recover.
Thank you for listening.
Your friend in recovery - Helen

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