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Admitting I have a problem
Hey Bri,
I had rules but rules went out the window when in action. Gambling was often a Blur, we didnt see things, I would arrive the morning with then loose, then win then loose and always leave broke, even if it were the next day. Rock Bottom will did for me the pinicle moment we face this desease (thats what it is) and say enough is enough. For me other things made me go to GA but I wasnt ready to stop, not truly, I did for others and it was happyness for six months, no more hiding bank statements etc etc..but I slipped. Rock bottom hit 3yrs ago for me, not in gambling but life, since then gambling free and life is better...I owe this to GA and all I can suggest to you is you go to a meeting. If your not truly ready to change then there is nothing i can say or do to make you feel you must. All I can tell you is yesterday i didnt gamble and today I pray through diligence I will not either because im living a better life away from gambling..good luck it takes courage to post, find a meeting and go or dicuss with helpline members.

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