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Can I get my Wife come back?
Welcome, The question you ask 'Can I get my wife to come back'? is not something that I can answer, but you need to concentrate on yourself at the moment as without recovery from CG you will have nothing except the 3 things of insanity, prison or death. Sounds rash but that is what happens to us CG's if we continue to gamble. You need to go to a GA meeting and be serious about surrendering and realize that you have no power over your gambling. This is a deadly, serious illness and needs to be treated. Go back and read your posting with an open and honest mind and see the deteriation of your life. Eventually our companions, family etc get tired of bailing us out and looking back at my gambling my family put up with so much for far too long.
Come back and let us know how you are doing in your recovery from this disease.
Your friend in the GA fellowship

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