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i need some advice
Hi Pink,
I will try to offer some advice to you but your other half was me some years ago before I found a beeter path so i hope you take a little inspiration from that. There is not much you can do to stop a compulsive gambler when they are in the complete grip of this dreadful desease. The only thing you can do or suggest is that he goes to a meeting, if I were you I would insist upon this. Paydays will arrive, the phone will be turned off as whilst in the grip of this desease we loose all sense of reality and what we MUST do. You need to sit down with him and say you can only guide him as inevitably its him who needs to stop, he also must want to stop. Its very very difficult for me to offer you much advice as whilst in the grip of gambling I would have swam the channel to play a machine if I had money. Most compulsive gamblers when in action dont trust themselves so wont trust someone else but you need to have the chat. Do not feel to blame for this desease, it is one way out of your control. He needs to follow a different path and the only way to do that is to admit being powerless over gambling and start a new chapter in therapy and life.

I am sorry my advice cannot be to much and I am sorry for your situation, may I suggest saying to him why not pay his wages into your account and you control paying the bills, but he must be following a progeramme of recovery at this time and I hope he will see a better life lay ahead.

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