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online poker
I cannot stop playing online poker, i am not a losing player and over hundrends of thousands of hands and thousands of hours playing it is taking over my life.

my mood is completely determined by how well i am playing, i feel very angry when i am not winning and i just want to win more when i do win.

Although i havent lost money it is taking over my life and i cannot bring myself to stop, all i want to do is play.

I have read countless books and internet articles as well as hired professional coaches to help my game.

I do not want to play anymore but there is no way i have the willpower to stop, i want to be the best and win large sums of money it is that thought that keeps me going.

Even though i am writing this i know i am going to be back playing again in a matter of hours.

I dont know what to do or where to turn, i am only 18 years old.

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