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One day at a time
I have been in and out of G.A for 6 years now but i returned and went to a meeting on monday it is now thursday and i am still succesfuly abstaining i owe all sorts of nasty people money and im a real mess but just 3 days off of gambling has made me open my eyes to how simple and wonderful life can be i have decided to give my self a chance by embracing everything G.A has to offer things are tough but it will only get worse for me if i carry on gambling i have simply excepted that my money is gone and it is not coming back and im never gonna win a life i feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i know i have a real good future to look forward to as long as i keep attending meetings and i dont try to solve all my life problems at once and its just ONE DAY AT A TIME!! I wish you all well in your recovery

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