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Gambling husband has left me
Hi Musha, I am a compulsive gambler in recovery. Yes, the addiction does make many of us go to such depths and we hurt many people along the way, some relationships will never heal unfortunately, but you have in no way contributed to your husband's gambling and you need to take care of yourself, especially for your child's sake. Are you going to a Gamanon meeting or GA meeting? If there is a Gamanon meeting near you it would benefit you more and there you will get the support that you need. You may never understand the addiction but you can come to understand about the person you was living with and that you need not carry around any guilt. I hope for your sake that your husband can get into the GA program and learn about his addiction also, otherwise he has NO future with you or his child or any other living thing. Understand that your husband is in the grips of a terrible illness/addiction and unless he treats it can go insane, to prison or death. Sorry, but that is the stark facts. It's progressive and can never be under control again.
Your take care of yourself and child.

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