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191 days clean
My name is Andy and Im a compulsive gambler.I have now managed 191 days free of gambling and having a look back today at how I managed to gamble defies belief.Im still always in financial trouble,always broke,yet before I always managed to gamble and am no better off now than I was last year.I find it hard every day scraping by and paying the price for my slip some 6 months ago,and hopefully this time I will not go down the same road.But my life hasnt changed at all,it is still a miserable,lonely life and I have a lot of time and lack motivation or idea of how to change,which I feel is imperative in order for me to continue to stay free of the hideous gambling disease.I know just 1 second of complacency can lead me back and that is not a place I want to go as I HATE gambling for all the destruction and mental torture it has given me.I havent been to a meeting for 6 weeks now,all due to lack of funds to get there,but really I know I should be at the GA meetings every week.But for today I will not gamble and just take 1 day at a time.Andy.

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