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Admitted to wife i have a problem
Hey Sad but Hopeful.
Firstly well done on admitting that you have an issue. I would like to offer some advice to you as to help you stay away from the bandits. I personally was quite similar in so much as I used to play the bandits all the time and worked throughout the country. This often meant staying in strange places away from family and home and only will power to overcome the bandits.

There is a lot to say at meetings for giving up some control to cash and when your working away and here and there that is difficult. It sounds silly but I know this very clearly how important this is. I went six months first time around on the programme only to be away on business and slip up as I had access to my cashcard and available balance.

I was at the time very strong against the gambling and it was because of temptation, boredom and the fact I am a compulsive gambler. So the only way to completely re-structure life is to live with pocket money. I had a fuel card, just for fuel, so i could never be without petrol, I didnt carry credit cards, B+Bs can be pre-paid, and just carry enough for the few days away.

The meetings make it but just live "today I wont gamble"

I wish you all the best in recovery for you, your wife and your children.


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