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slot addiction
Hi. I am a slot addict. I have been out today and lost everything I had - almost for the month and now have to pull back for three weeks until I get money again. I really want to give up slots but I cannot stop myself from going to the casino and playing them every time I have money. It makes it worse that I am up in the early hours so go out to a 24 hour casino at around 3am when money goes in my bank. No matter how many times I say it will just be a small amount I cannot stop until most of my money is gone. It has ruined my relationship. I split up with a partner of four years in November 2010 because I was spending all my money and using his to keep my house and kids going. In some respects splitting has taught me some common sense because I know I have to keep some money over to pay my mortgage and food. But the money I keep over is never enough. I end up pawning my kids possessions and borrowing money off them at the end of every month. I have just phoned my local GA line and will be attending my first meeting next Monday. As at this moment in time I have more money than at any time since November as I only gambled about a few hundred today - not everything as I said in my opening sentence. But the money I have left has to pay bills amounting to more - which is an impossibility I know so it feels like everything is lost. Oh I am rambling on just to try to get things clear in my head. I wish so much I had never started playing slots. I never ever thought I would become addicted to them and here I am after three years with mounting debts and bad credit and court letters It gets beyond a joke. Please if anybody has any suggestions to how to break this cycle I would be grateful for your support. Many thanks.

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