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I went to my first meeting a week yesterday for the first time in 3 years and yesterday was my second attendance.
I first went about 4 years ago until I relocated about a year later and subsequently stopped going for no good reason. Eventually like nearly all AWOL compulsive gamblers, the desire to gamble didn't take long to control me and I was back worse than ever within the year following my final meeting.

The past week has been ok, I'm not sure what has changed this time around but I remember how good I felt the first time I had not gambled for a week, feeling great that I was at least on the long road to recovery. However this time I have felt quite depressed at times.

I think my sleep patterns may have a lot to do how I feel, partly caused by worries, made up of, financial problems , a baby on the way and I the insecurity of my work, and partly as a result of my very recent gambling lifestyle. Probably my biggest addiction was online casinos/poker and I would gamble throughout the night, on many occasions going into work after only an hour or so's sleep, or, when working from home, sleeping the day away.

This week, in addition of not gambling, I have worked all week at normal hours in my employees office which has been great but my sleep is still at a minimum catching an hour or so after work and then restlessly staying up until well past 4.30am. Worst of all, I have had a real urge to gamble for the first time tonight and having not been able to install game blocking software (I have a mac and my brother has tried and failed) there is real danger.

Are these feelings normal and and will my sleep pattern get better?

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