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GA Meetings
Thank you both for your reply. Im afraid the nearest group other than the 1 hes been too is 100 miles away as we live in the sticks in wales. Ive been on the phone all day trying to find solutions to these money problems, im hoping im on top of things now. To be honest your comments have frightened me a bit as ive taken steps to clear his debts in my name as it was the only was i could see to do things with out black listing his name as you never know what we might need in the future. I have also done this to show some trust in my husband.

He hasnt ever been so happy and i can see the relief he must feel now that i know, im hoping it has taught him a lesson and it has defo made him more open wif me, he is still going to the GA meetings hopefully it will improve. Any other advice on how to handle this would really be appreciated, i still find it difficult to understand when its referred to as a illness.

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