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Even though the inheritance is gone-the family is still here
How should i start this ?

I'm 19; daughter of a 54 year old compulsive addicted gambling dad.

He's been at it for as long as i can remember as a child, but it has never got this bad.

My grandmother passed away leaving a alrge inheritance (they sold her bungalow). All of it went straight to my father, which we were unable to touch. We were all planning to save it for a new home (as we live in a 2 bedroom flat with 5 people) and to aid my brother's medicine course due to start next year - 7 yrs of uni!

One day my brother opened a bank statement thinking it was his. This was where all the grief started. It was all gone - the money went straight out the window within a month to a casino.

That was last November, and as i dont live at home, i couldn't do anything about it. My brother was still there and did the best he could.

He seemed to be doing ok until i went back home to visit and my mum told me he went out again - this time gambling money he doesn't have - on credit cards and overdraughts. He denied he had a problem before and he still denies he has a problem now.

Our whole family still loves him but i cant let it carry on since my 12 year old sister still needs supporting - WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

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Even though the inheritance is gone-the family is still here - by chewy0901 - 16-03-2011, 10:17 PM

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