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Even though the inheritance is gone-the family is still here
This is all too complicated to be honest ... it will just get even more depressing the more i elaborate it. My mother has bipolar schizophrenia which has been going on for about 15 years and because of her mental disorder she doesn't express / feel emotions much or non at all sometimes. This makes it even easier for my father to go and gamble and even easier for my sister to not get looked after properly.

This is the lining of the reason why i have to worry - my brothers becoming a doctor which is the best that could happen to him and my mother is too ill in the head to even come to understand how bad things can get with my father becoming more and more in debt. The fact im not at home just makes the whole situation worse.

I just need a little guidance i guess. I've never tried to deal with this gambling situation head on because of a levels and the fact he listens to no1 and as we've never been a rich family we've never really cared about money too much so long as we can get by.

If i know that problems are easier to be prevented than to leave and cause more pain - it's pretty hard to walk away and live my own life.

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