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Had enough
hi serena25.i too am new here and know exactly how u feel.i too have a gambling addiction that is ruining my life,i have gambled for years and it has slowly become a real problem.Not just in terms of money but in that its all i think about.i have 2 children and a supportive bloke and all i do is let them down.had an amazing win last week,one that would have got rid of financial worries for a few years but a few days later returned it to online slots with more added to it.i am a mess and need help.havent gambled since-3 days today but cant stop myself still playing for fun and the thought that maybe il win it back is constantly at the back of my mind.have been reading the posts on here and its a help to read that its not just yourself in this situation,it is an illness and one that makes you feel like your losing your can break you and as others have said it can end one of 3 ways-insanity,with you in prision or dead because you cant cope with the feelings anymore.have you read the 12 step programe?i have been looking through that and all the other litriture and it makes perfect sense,i am a spiritual person and think if you could join the programme you would come out the other side and grow as a person.the serentity prayer gives great encouragement.unfortunatley i live nowhere near a meeting-40 miles away and do not drive so am going to have to try and beat this addiction with the help of my family and joining the forum on a thursday night.keep waiting for the shame to go,told lots of people id had a lovely do you tell them that i put it all back????serena why do we never learn!!!!try and keep positive take one day at a time,dont think of tomorrow,only today and post back to me,it would be nice to chat to someone who is going through the same.xx take care and try to keep smiling.

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