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posted but not shown
Big Dave,
Firstly thanks for letting me know on the points.

I have no intention on not replying to threads as I have no intention today to gamble.

I understand my posts are sometimes long, it is just a measure of my feeling towards gambling and what it did to me, cal it emotion.

I also like to express my words in long ways to describe my feelings etc.

As for the thread that was becoming a little fight of wills, we must remember there is a person who is ruining his life at the start of that and also I understand its like banging your head against a brick wall but for someone to post on this site must mean they have in there subconcience a real thought they may have an issue.

Please dont take my post wrongly as I will always reply, its my therapy and I was not "having a moan" just stating a point.

Thanks Dave.

I hope my posts and replies help others as much as they help me.


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