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Snap,i too know no matter what i won i wouldnt u marko i won a huge amount-well into the thousands but a week later spent it all and left trying to sort out the mess.had managed to go 20 days but then let myself down by playing the freeplay slots.could be worse,couldve been real money but thankfully have no credit on my is a terrible addiction that can never be cured its always going to be there lurking in the background.all i can say is keep strong and try to find some positivity.time is a great healer,taking every day as it comes and not thinking of tomorrow.were never going to win our money back its long gone and its wishful thinking to think we could but would you honestly use the money wisely or like me would it all go with more as well!!!dont lose anything else to dirty gambling,money,property,family or can come back from this,you just need to want times i feel like im losing my sanity but i will get there,i really hope you do too.x

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