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will he change?
hi, my name is emma and my partner is a CP. i posted a share on here a few months ago, asking if there is any hope? after my post, he really seemed to do well and was going to the ga meetings. i had all his cards and his wages came to me every friday. slowly, the excuses began again and he took MY card from my purse and used it to gamble. i know the amount doesnt matter but it was alot... im at uni and i am struggling myself with rent etc. he came home last week in tears saying he is in big trouble and needs my help.. again. I have taken out loans in the past and he has repayed me, but i cant this time due to being at uni. will he ever change? im only 24 and feel so alone in this mess. i am desperate to go to a gam anon but the closest is an hour away and i dont drive. i feel so desperate to talk about it but my friends just tell me to leave him.. its not that easy after 9 years! i cant tell my family as i feel they would judge me for staying with him. any advice?

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