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In despair
Hi my name is scott and i am a recovering compulsive gambler.

I have just read your post regarding your husbands gambling the problem. I gambled for 25yrs and finally made the decision to turn my life around for myself 18moths ago. During my 25yrs of gambling i have had lot's of relationship breakdowns with partners and family members due to them wanting me to get help with my gambling and me being in denial making out everything is ok and i'm not as bad as everyone else. My gambling progressively got worse as it does with any addiction to the point where i wanted to change for myself and had had enough of the lifestyle i was leading (rock bottom). To cut a long story short my wife has had to put up with the same problems you have regarding him stealing, lying etc which has brought down her selfworth and confidence. Thankfully 18months ago i made a decision to go to a rehab addiction clinic which follows the same 12 step recovery programme as ga ,aa, and na. During my road to recovery i have followed a programme with spiritual principles that has enabled me to change my perception on life and my character defects which were impatient, resentful, angry, fearful and full of guilt, blame, and selfpity. Today i manage to lead a happy, joyous and free life without gambling thanks to ga and the 12 steps of recovery. For me to have what i have now i have had to do this for myself as changing for someone else will not work no matter how hard you push him. My wife has been going to gamanon where she has got the help to understand why i did what i did and also for her to understand she is not the cause of the problem.
My advice to you is to do what is right by you and your daughter so she isn't affected by this lifestyle surrounding her.

Take care.
My name is scott and i will always be a recovering compulsive gambler but i have a great life today thanks to ga and the people who continue to give their time to help themselves and others.

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