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Dont know what to do
My name is Marko and i am a compulsive gambler.
let me start by saying i am not making any excuses for your husband.But you have to realise we are ill. people understand that a drug addict or alcaholic have a compulsion to feed ther habit well so do we.i dont know what type of man your husband is but i do know what this illness dos to a person.i too have made numerous promises.and i really do mean it when i say it.then for know apparrant reason i will gamble again.i posted a mail yesterday called the mite show you how bad the Addiction is and that your husband is not the only person to display such see in my case when i stop gambleing i have to face the reality of my actions and That realy hurts.and when you gamble that pain goes away because you think one big win thats all i need then i can put things may seem like a very screwed up Logic but thats the way a lot of gamblers think.Then we lose and the pain stars again so we will do almost any thing to camble agiain.
I would have done almost anything to gamble yesterday.But being starved of money worked its still on my mind today but not as bad.
i dont know what advice to give you but.other then to starve him of cash. there are some very good people who post on this site who can help.YOU ARE NOT ALONE.God bless you and your husband.

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