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Feeling so low
Firstly do not be ashamed of that post i want to urge a few things into your life and am probably only qualified to urge them things as a compulsive gambler myself.

Suicide is not the option my friend and belive me when I say I have been at that point many times in my life but as other state today can instead be the first day of the rest of your life.

Being a compulsive gambler is a very very hard thing to describe, your feeling to buy the ex GF some gift from a win to thank her for the pain you have inflicted is normal of a CG.

We dream and we have to stop dreaming and live reality. Money when in action is easy come, easy go, we are forever the optimist and the nature of our desease dictates we will never fully realise that the long hard road of daily diligence is not only a more profitable one but a more rewarding one.

I have my moments with gambling, sometimes I feel I am so abnormal that my life must be messy but today I read and today I took stock and today I didnt gamble.

It wasnt that thrilling, I still hate to spend money, such a tight sod and sometimes I neglect to award myself for the fact today I didnt gamble but thats what life is, I woke up and did quite normal things.

I need GA, I will always need Ga as I cannot forever ensure that this desease wont get me where I was before, sleeping on a floor, eating rubbish.

But and this is a big but...I will always confess to myself that I am indeed a compulsive gambler, I can only try my best to be proffessional and in that do my best to find thrill in other ways.

God granted me that serenity to accept what I have is what i have and maybe today I dont have much but If I live day by day I will have so much more.

I suggest to go to GA as your not alone.

Certainly not and with GA you can becomne a different, better person.



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