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i think i have a problem
ok, im 21 and iv been gambling for years since i was like 17
first it started on bandits / slot machines, but latly iv been gambling online, in the bookies, in casinos , anywere...

if i dont have the money to gamble i lie and ask people to borrow it me for somthing else, if that fails i lend of online loan sharks .. then i get myself in a mess having to pay back...

when i was working i was withdrawing like hundreds a week and on the first day i would have spent half of it , and the day after the rest would be gone, i try not to but adryenalin kicks in and i lose controll. . i cant stop myself, i have lost friends over this because theyre fed up of going out with me then im stuck to a slot machine all night..

i also feel like dieing somtimes , thats how upset i get my self , ill sit in tears and sey to myself 'why?'

any methods on how to cut down / hopefully stop the gambling taking over me. would be greatly apreciated.


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i think i have a problem - by Meganol - 22-06-2011, 03:27 AM
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