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Hi nottingham 2009,
It's great that you have chosen to commit to ga by attending meetings to turn your life around and i love the advice you offer regarding recovery. When i first started my journey of recovery i too found it difficult to understand why people wouldn't put the same time and effort in as they would with their active gambling. One thing i have learn't is that everyone is at different stages in their lives regarding wanting to change and i can't afford to let someone else slip or disappearance from ga affect my recovery. When i attended ga at the beginning i found it frustrating that people would come and go but now i accept the fact i can't change anyone except myself but i can support the people who want it. it's a sad fact that only 3 people out of every hundred that walk through the door of ga get long term recovery from this illness but it makes me even more determined to make sure i am one of those three by working as hard as i can.
I wish you good luck with your recovery and hope you keep in touch.

My name is scott and i will always be a recovering compulsive gambler.

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