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gamble free
Hey and thanks for y7our post, a little similar to mine somewhat...

Just dont fall back into it....and that is easy done!!

I have gambled maybe 5days in the past four years so them days serve to me as a reminder of what I once was, what to avoid...I think I have done those days purely and simply down to needing some strength back and having to have a minor crash to go remember the pain...

It will sound weird to all but now I dont fall asleep with "only ifs" "numbers" "spins" "cards" in my head...I instead sleep well...the last time I had a dream about gambling it was "not very nice".

However just for today like you I didnt gamble although I really really wanted to as I have had an urge to place a rather large bet for the past 4weeks now.....on a sporting outcome so its not a daily gamble.

However my mind said if I won it wouldnt make me happy, only for the short term and my mind may float off into all out back to gambling.

So decided I must resist whatever temptation there is....

A mention....Today I logged on this website to help helping others I must tell them about the better life there is if they live "one day at a time" there will be obsticles...things that effect me...but I certainly dont want to go back to the guy who escapes all the time...runs away from issues...and hides in a devious all out world of gambling.

We as CGs have so many stories...we can share those stories to guide those in deep with no escape and that is what it is when your so engrossed in gambling...

My only saviour was tought me about GOD...about being a human being......about empathy, sympathy and about becoming a better person.

Lets make the next 4 years 1000days 0 gambling and instead turn our attention towards help...for ourselves and others.

Best wishes all.


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